6 Reasons why you should register your trucking company

awamienews | Everyone has the right to run a successful business in today’s capitalist society. Profits earned by businessmen are their right. Like people, businesses must obey the rules and laws set by their state. As with any business, it is expected that trucking firms register.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Authority, or FMCSA is responsible for all registrations of commercial vehicles. This can be done by filling out the FMCSA Registration Form. Commercial vehicles registered with both the USDOT Number and the Motor Carrier number (MC number) have several benefits. In addition to being your boss, you will also be able to enjoy the benefits of medical and legal coverage along with vehicle insurance. Below are six good reasons for registering your trucking company.

1. Be your boss

After you’ve registered with FMCSA, you can start your own trucking company. USDOT numbers and MC numbers give you authority. You can run your trucking business however you want, as long as the government permits you. The trucking authority is important for your career because it protects your business. Carrier Authority is the same thing. You can deliver your load wherever you choose and haul it to where you would like. You can operate your business with a degree of independence.

2. You should know where your goods are coming from

You have a right to be informed about the origin of your cargo when running a business. The last thing you want is to have to wait on clients. The shipping process is delayed, which can damage your business. By registering with FMCSA, you can track the pickups. You will be able to run your Trucking Company more smoothly.

3. You can Save Time

The days of standing in line to complete your registration form for several hours are gone. Now, you can complete and submit the registration form in just a few minutes. Even more astonishing is the fact that you only need to wait an hour for a DOT Number. You can also reduce the time it takes to register and save on the auditing. The auditing of records becomes much easier when truckers are given an MC number. You can focus on running your company instead of worrying about this.

4. Operate Interstate Hassle-free

FMCSA allows drivers to travel interstate with no hassle. It is important to register a trucking firm because certain states have requirements for operating interstate. After a trucking business gets its verified DOT number it can operate across states with no legal issues. When a trucking business gets both an interstate license and an international license, it can also easily cross Canada’s border.

5. Rules for drivers’ safety

Trucking companies registered under FMCSA are bound by FMCSA rules and regulations. Fmcsa provides driver-friendly rules. This ensures that the driver’s rights are respected. As an example, the rule of 30-minute breaks allows drivers to rest for 30 minutes when tired. For distances that take more than eight hours, this rule is applicable. The relaxed rules are designed to safeguard and protect driver rights, which makes a career in trucking an attractive choice.

6. Insuring life and assets

Truckers who are registered with the fMCSA have a better chance of getting better insurance coverage than those not registered. FMCSA covers drivers who are involved in accidents while working. All commercial vehicles that are owned by the business are insured. In the case of an incident, this can save you a lot of money. If the business is sued, then the attorney’s fees will be covered by the insurance. It protects against unnecessary and unwanted costs in unfavorable circumstances.

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