Privacy Policy

Welcome to the unique Business and News Privacy Policy for (website).
Awamie News highly respects your privacy and is always ready to protect your privacy. This privacy policy will tell you how we look after your data when you use our website (Awamie News). We keep track of where you are using our website.
We consider that you consent to the practices outlined in this privacy policy by visiting and using our website.

Do we collect any of your information?

No, we do not collect any information that our users do not consent to. We only collect information that users provide to us, such as their email, phone number, name, and any other personal information we request. Because this website is being used for blogging, we are not an international organization yet. We now only do local work and do what makes our customers happy and also get unique information from here.

Can we upload your content to our website?

Absolutely not. You may never copy and upload our content to your website. Anyone who tries to copy our content or upload it on their website may take strict action against them. Whoever copies our content and puts it on their website and when we find that that website has copied our content, we will contact Google Support and take strict action against that site and its website. It will be damaged. We will not be responsible for ourselves, but he will be responsible for his destruction.

If we use Awamie News websites well, can we still be harmed?

It doesn’t matter if you use our website very well and don’t try to do illegal things on it. We won’t hurt you again. We also try to treat customers who are good to us and should not harm them in any way.

If we want to publish full news and business articles on your website, can we do that?

Yes, if you have good content and want to publish your article on this website, then you can do it absolutely free. Its procedure is as follows.
1. Your article title should be 130 characters.
2. Your essay must be at least 800 words. If your essay is less than 800 words, the essay will not be published on our website.
3. Your essay should have at least 4 headings.
4. When you submit your article to us, provide your desired keywords and a link to it.
5. Your essay should also have good SEO and readability.
6. You will also provide us with a unique image of your article. The picture you provide to us must not be copied from anywhere.
7. Along with the article, you will also provide us with a meta description of your paper.
8. Also provide us the hashtag according to what your keyword is, and the hashtags should be at least 5.
9. Curated Dynasty should be repeated a maximum of 8 times in your desired subject.
If you follow these policies, you can submit your article to us.

How can we send you our article?

A Contact Us page has been created on our Awamie News website. A page will show up below when you click on it. On this page, write your name in your name section, enter your email in the mail section, write your message in the message field, and click the submit button. This is your name. Mail and announcements will come directly to our mail, then our team will check it, and within 12 hours, you will receive a mail from Awamie News, which you have given while submitting your message. You can share your article on this mail.