When and how to use the various types of analytics

awamienews | For businesses of every size, analytics is an essential tool. The tool helps business owners understand their customers, track their efforts in marketing, and make better strategic choices. It allows business owners to better manage their budgets and allocate resources.

Each option has strengths and weaknesses. It can sometimes be confusing to know how to utilize each. You can learn more about how and when you should use each type of analysis by continuing to read.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis is an area of data science that relies on past data to forecast future events. The technology can predict weather, customer behavior, and stock market prices. There are three different types of analytics that can predict things: supervised or unsupervised. The most common form of learning predictive analytics involves supervised or unsupervised learning. In this case, historical data is used to develop a prediction model. When no training datasets are available, the algorithmic approach is used. It is necessary to use reinforcement learning when there is no feedback available on whether predictions have been accurate.

Predictive Analytics can be employed in several business applications including segmentation of markets, fraud detection, and target marketing. You can use it for science applications as well, including predicting the climate or genetic mutations.

The Descriptive Annotation

In descriptive analytics, you examine past data for the purpose of understanding what’s happened. In order to improve business decisions, it is possible to examine revenue, expenditures, and other financial indicators. Additionally, descriptive analysis can be used to understand customer behavior. This is done through the study of data on-site visits or purchasing histories. This information helps companies to better understand their most popular products or services and the way customers interact with either physical or online stores.

Text Analytics

Text analytics takes place on a desktop, laptop, or tablet and involves the analysis of text data. In order to determine trends and patterns, it is necessary to extract information from textual sources like social media or customer surveys. Text analytics has many uses, such as improving customer satisfaction, measuring brand sentiment, or assessing opportunities in the market. Three types of text analyses exist:

  • The analysis of sentiment measures the overall tonality of a written piece. It is often used to assess whether customers were satisfied with the product or services they received, as well as to assess public opinion towards a politician or issue.
  • Topic detection – This type of analytical technique identifies major themes discussed in an article. Use it to keep track of the frequency with which certain brands and keywords are mentioned over time.
  • Clustering – this type of analysis groups texts that have similar content together. Use it to develop customer profiles using what customers discuss online, or identify new topics for your blog by identifying the most popular subjects among readers.

Prescriptive analysis

Prescriptive analytics is the next logical progression after predictive analytics. In predictive analytics, past data is used to forecast future outcomes. Prescriptive analyses go even further, using that data in order to specify specific actions for the outcome desired. Imagine you’re a store owner who is looking to increase their sales.

Use predictive analytics to find out which products customers are more likely to purchase together, and use prescriptive analytics to provide specific recommendations of combinations. The use of prescriptive analyses is widespread, from the healthcare industry to financial services to manufacturing. The tool is powerful and can maximize profit for companies.

In order to make good business decisions, you need to be familiar with the many types of analytical tools. Analyses provide different perspectives on data.

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