awamienews | You should be constantly looking for ways to market your business. This will increase interest and help you grow. You can use promotional giveaways to increase your visibility in the local community, whether you are a business that offers products or services.

Here are 5 promotional giveaways that will bring you more business and also be fun.

Five Must-Have Giveaways to Promote Your Business

1. Customized Notebooks and Ballpens

Practical giveaways are an excellent way to increase brand recognition and spread awareness of your company. We use notebooks and bullpens every day. What better way to get your brand name into the heads of customers, than to put it on items they will be using the most? You can easily create your own branded ball pens and notebooks. A quick online search will provide you with a wide range of affordable options.

2. Customized Water Bottles

You may be worried that your customers won’t use the bullpens and notebooks you have created in this technology-driven world. Your customers have to drink, right?

If you can make your custom water bottle look great, it will create a lot of buzz in the community. It could cause people to ask where the bottle came from, which will spread your brand through word-of-mouth.

You can find many distributors of custom-bottled water that offer great products for a good price.

3. Branded Mugs and Coffee Cups

We are a nation of hot-drink lovers, with coffee being our favorite. You can give your customers what they want by giving them branded mugs and coffee cups.

While the items on this list of giveaways have been based on necessities, it’s important to remember that giving customers what they want is a great way to build a good reputation. There are many different coffee cups, mugs, and other items available, and they can vary in price and quality. Do thorough research on the options before you buy.

4. Power banks, portable chargers and USBs

You’ve heard about the technology-mad world we live in, yes? Why not take advantage of this and offer people the products they desire? You can put your logo on USBs, portable chargers, and power banks. These are products people will use frequently.

When your battery runs out, portable chargers can come in handy. Imagine that your customer remembers the power bank they received just before their phone was about to go out. They reach for their bag and plug their phone in right before it goes black. Your customer may think that your company saved the day as well, not only because your gift was a lifesaver.

5. Clothing Customized to Brands

There’s nothing that says “brand loyalty” like someone wearing your company name on a sweater. You’ll get more business if you brand your apparel and give it away.

Your name will be with the client wherever they go if they are wearing your clothing. Clothing is a great option for business giveaways. Customers will be happy to accept any gift, so long as it’s high-quality.

The Bottom Line

The 5 ideas above for promotional giveaways for your company should have given you at least one to two viable options for you and for your organization. Remember that business giveaways should be engaging and fun for your clients.

You’ll be amazed at how much interest your business will generate if you implement one of these ideas. And you’ll also be able to establish yourself as a generous entrepreneur!

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