awamienews | Running an online business in the digital age is no easy task, especially if you are competing with large brands such as Amazon. The digital market is very competitive. Brands are constantly striving to appear on Google’s first page. Even with great SEO, it can take months, or even a whole year, to reach the top of Google search. PPC is the answer. Google AdWords, Google’s advertising platform, allows businesses to display their ads in Google’s results pages. Ads are usually displayed at the end or top of Google’s SERPs.

Google AdWords has proven to be a successful and popular marketing tool for companies looking to gain their first clients online. We’ll be discussing the benefits of Google AdWords in this article and show you how to create a Google AdWords business account.

Google AdWords: Benefits

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool to advertise a company online. Google AdWords offers a few advantages to businesses.

Precision Targeting

Google offers several options for targeting ads to ensure they are only seen by prospective customers. The entrepreneurs can select their target audience by location, keyword, age, and other factors. They can also choose what time their ads are shown to their teachers.

According to research, 50% of users of their smartphones who conducted a local mobile search visited a shop within a single day. This gives local businesses the upper hand in capturing the attention of the masses by appearing at the top of the SERPs.

Target Specific Devices

Google AdWords now lets companies choose the type of device their ads are displayed on. You can choose between desktops, smartphones, and tablets for the Google search network. Even beyond this, you can target iPhone and Windows users.

You Only Pay For Results

It is hard to argue that this benefit of Google AdWords marketing is the best known. AdWords lets businesses pay for only the clicks of their ads instead of impressions. PPC is the pay-per-click marketing model. In this way, businesses save money because they only pay when visitors have taken an action on their website.

Performance tracking

Google AdWords allows businesses to monitor the performance of their ads. This means that you can keep track of how many users view and click your ad. Google AdWords allows businesses to track the performance of their ads. This means you can keep tabs on how many users view and click your advertisement. You can also track how many visitors take action on your website after they have visited it.

Set up a Google AdWords Account

Register your Step 1 Register

Register with your Google Account on the Google AdWords site. Create a Google Account if you do not already have one. This will take you only a few moments. You will then need to enter your essential information and choose your budget and TA. Set your bids & create your advertisement copy.

Step 2. Set your Budget

The first task is to define a budget. You will never exceed your budget if you define a daily budget. To determine the daily budget, you must first calculate how many visitors your landing page can convert into clients. Your landing page is a great way to convert visitors into customers.

The average conversion rate can help you determine the amount of money that you’re willing to spend on each visitor. Cost per acquisition is what we call this.

Click on Save & Move to the Next Step after choosing your desired budget & currency.

Step 3. Choose your TA

This step requires you to choose the exact location where your TA will be displayed. The location of your TA is selected here.

You can target your search by using “radius-targeting” if you use the advanced option. If you are a local business, your target market may be the entire country.

Step 4. Choose a Network

Next, you will need to choose between Google Search Network and Display Network. Search Network shows your ads in Google’s search results, while Display Network can show them on any website that displays ads.

Small businesses and beginners are advised to use the Search Network to show their ads to those users who have searched for relevant keywords for their business. Displaying ads is great for branding and retargeting. It also has a lower cost per click.

Step 5. Choose your keywords

The keywords are search terms or phrases that a person enters in the Google search bar when performing a Google search. Google lets you choose up to 15-20 keywords to activate your SERP ad.

You should choose no more than a few keywords you believe will be effective, and not 20 you might find interesting. Pay attention to how many people are searching for the keywords that you choose.

Step 6. Set your Bid 

AdWords is based on a bidding model. You can bid the amount of money that you’re willing to spend for every person who clicks your ad. You will get more exposure if you and your rival are both bidding on the same keyword & are willing to pay a higher price per click.

You have two options. You can choose to let Google decide your bid value and increase your return on budget. It is best to use Google’s Keyword Planner to conduct proper research if you are planning to do this.

Step 7: Write your Ad

The most important part is to think about it. It must be well-thought-out and compelling. Your message must communicate your offer to convince a visitor to visit your website.

Step 8. Create your Ad

The last step is to save your ad. Click on Save after you have written your ad. Google will then ask for your payment & business information in this section. The charge will occur when your budget is met or after 30 days, whichever occurs first.

Last Words

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool to attract new customers for small businesses. It is best to use it wisely to reap the benefits.

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