Benefits from Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

awamienews | These videos can be used to increase brand awareness and create emotional connections between you and your existing and potential customers. You can use them to increase brand awareness and create an emotional bond between your company and existing or potential customers.

Do you want to invest in a video explaining your service or product easily and directly? This article discusses the advantages of startups and businesses.

What Makes Explainer Videos Effective?

According to one survey, the average person watches more than 1 hour 45 minutes of online videos per day. Cartoons, which are a part of our DNA as children, instantly capture the attention of consumers and keep it for longer than any other type of content. Animation explainer videos can be short and sweet, lasting between 1 to 3 minutes. This is enough time to accomplish the goal.

Explainer videos are powerful because of their visual appeal and simplicity. They inspire action from viewers. People who enjoy animated videos that educate them and entertain at the same are more inclined to purchase. According to surveys, more than 80% of businesses said that explainer videos helped boost their sales.

It makes it easier to remember things

Video is a better way to learn for most people than reading a manual or product description. When you want to understand a complicated product or service it is easier to watch a video that explains it in a way that’s clear and concise than to listen to someone explain it. Animations are also entertaining to watch.

Explainer videos that are animated combine audio and visual stimuli to simplify and make complex ideas more understandable. This reduces informational anxiety. It is proven that explainer videos increase the retention of messages by presenting information so viewers can understand complex concepts with little effort. Explainer videos can be a great tool for campaigns.

It’s Easy to Show Off Your Brand Identity

Branded videos allow you to show how your company is different from the competition. You can use explainer videos to differentiate your company and attract your audience through moving images, audio, and music.

In your script you can reflect the personality of your brand. You can also use eye-catching visuals and that show off your style. If you include an animated video explaining your product, above the fold of the screen, it will keep visitors longer on your site, increasing your ranking and SEO.

Concentrate on your benefits

You should always remember that customers make their purchases based on benefits, not features. You can quickly and easily highlight specific features of your product by using animated explainer videos. This will give you the audience what they want. Viewers will have a clearer idea about what they’re buying. If you want to include more features in your product after it is produced, your video can be easily updated.

Video content also allows you to show the solution for a problem your customers may be concerned with. Your service or product can be used to show how it solves the customer’s problem. This can lead to increased conversions and influence customers. A survey found that 53% of respondents believed watching an explanation video presenting a product could convince them to purchase it. Written content is not as effective.

Why not use explainer videos anywhere?

Animation explainer videos can be adapted to a variety of contexts because they are universal and short. You can first use them to inform your website visitors of the product and service you offer and how it functions. You can also use them to enhance your presentations and include links in emails sent to subscribers.

Explainer videos can be used across multiple channels, as they’re easily shared. Explainer videos can be pinned to the top of company profiles on Facebook or LinkedIn and linked in your Instagram bio. You can also use them in your YouTube channel as trailers.

Animations are a great way to explain complex concepts. They can be used by small businesses, large corporations, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs. Explainer videos are worth a shot.

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