awamienews | The sudden economic downturn that occurred in December 2019 affected many businesses. Many companies and their employees are struggling to survive as no one was prepared for this silent war.

Many businesses close their doors while employees are laid off, reduced in hours, or stand down. Owners see this as an opportunity for innovation, resilience, and resourcefulness in their business.

Several companies are now using online platforms to maintain their relationships with customers and satisfy their needs. The right technology and inputs will allow your company to thrive, and withstand the effects of a pandemic.

Which technology solutions are available for retail businesses?

1. Cloud Platforms

Cloud-based platforms are operating systems that allow software and hardware to coexist. The cloud-based platform also acts as a database for the management of confidential data and records about the business, its employees, creditors, customers, and suppliers.

It is accessible anywhere and anytime on multiple devices. Users and internal IT departments are usually responsible for server infrastructure, backups, and security. Slack is one of the most popular examples, but there are also Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud.

2. Hosted Software Solutions

You can also use this platform if you want to offer your products and services as a hosted service. Cloud-based apps include SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions for retail software. Cloud-based applications have different features, such as privacy, data integrity, and security.

MailChimp is a good example of this kind. Other examples include HubSpot and Salesforce. The host-based platforms are further divided into SaaS (software as a service), IaaS (internet application services), and PaaS.

Subcategories of Host-Based Software Solutions

Software as a Service – This is the most common type of hosting-based solution. The service provides applications to users via the Internet, such as Go to Meeting (Google), Dropbox, SalesForce, etc.

Platform as a Service – A software that helps users to manage their specific roles, functions, and work. Examples include Windows Azure, Apache Stratos, and Beanstalk.

Infrastructure as a Service – The IaaS, which focuses on AI apps is the most expensive and highest-priced hosted service. It is sometimes called a “self-service” platform because it can execute commands. Linode is one example, as are Amazon Web, Cisco Metapod, and others.

3. Social Media Services

In addition to providing marketing and advertising solutions, social media played an important role in helping companies manage their global operations. Social media sites have created a section for buyers and sellers to connect. They used Facebook and Instagram, for example, to sell and promote their services and products.

Businesses need to adapt to changing customer demands by adopting marketplace development services.

It is easier to attract and convince potential buyers to purchase since most people scroll on their mobile devices every day. Facebook Messenger, for example, can use bots that automatically reply to users. This keeps the customers entertained and engaged with your product or service.

What can retail software and e-commerce solutions do for your business?

Understandably, some people would use online resources to do their work, as most of the people will be at home. This will help keep the business alive, and prevent it from being affected by COVID-19. Online management software can help you keep your company running.

Software solutions for e-commerce help business owners stay in touch with customers and create their websites from the comfort of home.

Your products can be listed, shipments tracked, and customer questions answered 24/7. Your website and social platforms can be designed to attract more buyers. Virtually, you can update, backup, and maintain a database.

Investing in online platforms can make it easier to reach out to your clients. You don’t need them to wear a face mask or follow the social distance protocol. They can order online without having to go into your store. No need for them to wait in line and be uncomfortable.

It gives you the security of knowing that you can carry on working if you are connected to the internet and have a device. You can also save on utility costs and employee salaries because e-commerce solutions offer a wide range of services, including inventory management, distribution and procurement, sales, and customer service.

You should begin planning your online business and researching the best software for retailing and selling.

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